Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Going for the gold with LG this Olympics

By Correspondent

With the Rio Summer Olympics just around the corner, athletes around the world are getting ready for the iconic multi-sporting event. Top on their mind is getting an honor only reserved for the top brass—the gold medal. Every elite athlete will be going for the gold, and LG Electronics has an instrumental role in helping them achieve this.

LG Electronics has been a key player in harnessing the power of technology to redefine the modern sporting experience. One has to look no further than TV, where LG’s top-of-the-line OLED TVs have caused a huge stir, captivating millions across the world with breathtaking picture clarity.

LG has gone a step further and is now using the power of technology to make training easier for athletes, ensuring that athletes have that all important competitive edge over their rivals. 

LG understands that training is a primary factor in determining the success of an athlete and has rolled out a range of products meant to help athletes transition into the modern era of smart training.
Smart training is simply data driven training that leverages on devices and smart connectivity to collect as much information as possible about the athlete’s training routine.

This includes data such as their speed, acceleration, deceleration and other pertinent information, which trainers can use to tweak their athletes’ performance to optimum levels.

One revolutionary product that has proven its effectiveness for both athletes in track and field events is the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition, which provides users with the data they need to make every minute of their training count. 

This use of this technology was initially restricted to field events such as marathons, but has now been scaled up to include team sports such as football, where team work is essential.
But while technological tools provides trainers with reams of useful data, it was what trainers do with the data that truly counts. 

This means that the best technology partner is not just one that helps improve the training process, but rather one that also focuses on improving people.
LG is all about people. It develops its products with people in mind and seeks to improve the lives of people, even going the extra mile to achieve this. 

That is why it has established a reputation as a key corporate sponsor of teams, providing much crucial funding to develop world-class story.
In different markets across the world, LG supports sporting talent. This is what makes it unique in that it shares in the aspirations of different peoples around the world to become all that they can be in the different sports they are good at.

In Europe, LG has sponsored teams like Manchester City and Bayern Leverkusen. In Africa, it is rewarding top football talent in Kenya’s top league by offering incentives to players of the month. Internationally, LG has supported the Cricket World Cup. 

This Olympics presents yet another opportunity for LG to continue in its prestigious tradition of developing the world’s top sporting talent.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

LG’s innovative products improving consumers’ lives

 By Correspondent
As the world continues to experience rapid technological development, the need for electronics manufacturers to continue pushing their boundaries and produce cutting-edge technology is becoming more apparent with each passing day.
New technologies are great, but once something becomes popular there is an almost instant desire to improve on it, and this continues until that technology is rendered obsolete by something new that replaces its relevant functions.
This demand has created an enormous need for companies operating in the consumer technology space to continuously innovate in order to keep up with the growing demand.LG is one such company that is always striving to innovate and this is apparent in each business unit. From OLED TV, to gesture controlled selfies, or from the Door-in-Door refrigerators to commercial air conditioners designed for use in coastal areas, the company is always looking for ways to develop new technologies and to improve existing ones.
LG Electronics Chief Finance Officer Mr. Jinho Seok, General Manager Marketing Mr. Moses Marji and Opalnet Managing Director Mr. Rakesh Singh during the official opening of LG Electronics’ new outlet at the Nairobi’s Garden City Mall. LG is investing ksh100million in regional expansion.
“Our drive for innovation is never-ending, we continue to seek new ways to solve the problems around us,” said Maureen Kemunto LG Electronics Assistant Communications and Brand Manager.As consumers become increasingly interested in establishing appliance’s ability to minimize on effort and save time before purchase, competition by manufacturers to increase their range of ‘intelligent’ product portfolio in the home appliances category to fulfill this growing need has been on the rise.To improve customer’s lives, LG Electronics’ products are now being designed to minimize the effort that goes into daily chores, thereby giving users more free time to spend as they see fit.For example, its appliances are progressively becoming smartened up thanks to sensors and other technologies embedded in them.
They are becoming intelligent by integration with mobile devices and the internet. This ‘intelligent’ quality ultimately enhances human capabilities.Guided by this philosophy, LG engineers and designers have developed their own distinctive take on what it means to create products with an intuitive responsiveness to the demands of users.
It recently rolled out refrigerators that let users know when certain foods are running low. The company’s groundbreaking new Internet of Things (IoT) technology has made this and so much more possible.
It also recently introduced ‘LG Smart Home’, which is built around the idea of unifying multiple smart appliances into a single, cohesive system in order to increase convenience and simplicity.Coupled with its interactive new feature HomeChat, which employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and LINE, the popular mobile messenger app with over 300 million users, homeowners can communicate, control, monitor and share content with LG’s latest smart appliances.
To illustrate this, the company’s smart refrigerator has several innovative, convenience-enhancing features such as Smart View, Smart Power Saving and Smart Manager.
Smart View employs the industry’s first built-internal refrigerator camera to allow users to see the content of the refrigerator using a smartphone or tablet. Every time the fridge door is opened, the camera captures images of the interior shelves.
Users can check these images through HomeChat™ to quickly assess what they need to buy while they’re at the supermarket, helping to save time and preventing unnecessary purchases.Moreover, LG Smart Manager also transforms the refrigerator into a complete food management system with a handy recipe search function which presents the user with a variety of tasty meal options based on the items stored in the refrigerator.
Additionally, the company’s advanced Dual Door-in-Door refrigerators double the benefit of traditional Door-In-Door refrigerators.
They are fitted with extra compartments that act as perfect storage space for drinks and other frequently accessed itemsWhen it comes to washing machines, LG’s smart washing machine is equipped with several smart technologies that simplify the task of doing laundry.
 Guided Laundry can recommend and automatically apply the optimal settings for any type of laundering scenario. For example, for orange juice spills, simply texting “remove juice stains” on HomeChat will initiate One Touch Washing to prescribe the appropriate course of action.
LG clearly appears to be leading the pack in making people’s lives easier and more comfortable with its recent launch of HOM-BOT SQUARE a cordless robot vacuum cleaner seems to have set it apart from competition.
The cleaner has a feature that enables it to monitor the home while the owner is away. If the unit senses any movement, its integrated cameras automatically take photos of the room and send them to the homeowner’s smartphone.
LG’s innovations actually do improve the lives of consumers, with its products, house work is becoming easier and consumer’s lives are becoming more comfortable.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Safaricom enters broadcast market with 'The BigBox' decoder

Telecommunication solutions provider Safaricom has launched a decoder that will enable access to TV content and the internet.
 Christened 'The BigBox' the DVB-2 device will enable subscribers leverage Safaricom's extensive 3G and 4G data network to access content.
Speaking during the launch in Nairobi on Friday, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore said 'The BigBox' will serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot connecting up to 10 users and support data-heavy applications.  "It will give you access to HD TV Channels and allow you to watch content through online video services like YouTube,".
The decoder's first payment option will see subscribers pay an initial cost of Sh4,999 following by six Sh999 monthly installments.  "This package includes access to free-to-air TV stations and an allocation of up to 6GB a month in data bundles in addition to free YouTube viewing," Collymore said.
The second option of a one-off fee of Sh9,999 allows access to free-to-air channels and up to 6GB in data bundles for a month and free YouTube access. 
Subscribers who choose this option can also buy bundles of up to 50GB for Sh4,000.  Safaricom said customers will be able to top up their balances by buying monthly bundles using airtime or M-Pesa, on predefined USSD and WAP interfaces.
 Safaricom intends to reach the estimated 2.4 million households out of 3.2 million that have access to digital TV but are not using any of the set boxes available on the market.

Nation Media Group inks Sh100M ‘Dunga Milli Mtaani’ campaign with GOtv

Mutunga Mbuvi, 38, a winner in the 'Dunga Milli' promotion receives Sh1 million cheque from GOtv Kenya General Manager, Felix Kyengo and Nation Media Group CEO Linus Gitahi at the announcement of a Sh100 million deal and the launch of 'Dunga Milli Mtaani campaign at the Nation Centre on May 7, 2015.
GOtv, Kenya’s most affordable digital entertainment option, on Thursday inked a Sh100 million campaign with leading East and Central Africa media hub, Nation Media Group.    
The campaign dubbed ‘Dunga Milli Mtaani’ – an extention of the initial Dunga Milli Campaign -will see more Kenyans turned into instant millionaires with every purchase and activation of a GOtv decoder, subscribers will automatically be entered into the draw to win Sh1 million among other daily prizes.    
The initial campaign, unveiled 8 weeks ago has witnessed winners from all corners of the country turned into millionaires for simply subscribing to GOtv.
 Speaking during the event GOtv Kenya General Manager, Felix Kyengo exuded confidence in the partnership given NMG’s leadership in the media industry.   
 “As a leading digital operator, GOtv Kenya is confident that Kenyans will be informed of the numerous digital migration benefits by the leading, most credible regional media house in Kenya.”     Kyengo concluded by saying that he was “confident that more Kenyans will migrate with GOtv ahead of the global June 2015 deadline,” said Mr Kyengo.   
 On his part, Nation Media Group CEO, Linus Gitahi commended GOtv for its insight in partnering with the market leader and promised to push its digital migration agenda.    
“As the leading multi-media house in the East African region, our print electronic media and internet platforms attract a regular readership quite unparalleled in the region. We are sure that GOtv will reap immense benefits from this win-win solution,”  said Mr Gitahi.    
At the same time, GOtv announced the eighth ‘Dunga Milli’ winner, a businessman based in Nairobi.  Mutunga Mbuvi, 38, runs an audio-visual solutions’ business in Westlands area, says he had to buy a set-top box to do away with the boredom in his house.   
 “I kept seeing people in long queues at the GOtv section in the supermarket; I enquired from an agent about it and I was pleased to learn of its affordability and range of channels,” said Mr. Mbuvi.     
Being in the audio-visual business, the experience of a blank TV has not been the best for Mr. Mbuvi.  It was a troubling period for him after his TV was switched off three months ago following the country wide analogue TV switch off.    
Being the first time Pay TV subscriber, Mr. Mbuvi boasts of GOtv’s variety of choices and flexibility in that he can convert it to a free to air when he wants.   
 “There is indeed a difference in my home as my wife and I have a source of entertainment and are now getting informed of not only what is happening in Kenya but also internationally,” said Mr. Mbuvi.    
Mr. Mbuvi and the wife are already fond of their GOtv programming. “My wife loves watching ENews while I enjoy watching Discovery World and National Geographic. We occasionally fight over the remote control,” he said, smiling.   
 The elated father says the win came at an opportune time as his wife is expectant and will go a long way in financing the hospital bills and giving his wife and the baby a comfortable life. He also plans to expand his business..   
 “My wife and unborn child will have the best medical care thanks to GOtv,” said Mr. Mbuvi     GOtv Kenya General Manager, Mr. Felix Kyengo, said, “After the overwhelming success of the Dunga Milli competition and witnessing how it has changed the lives of ordinary Kenyans there was no way we could end the competition after the initial 8 weeks.”   
 “The extended Dunga Milli Reloaded Campaign will allows us to further changes the live of Kenyansfor an additional 5 weeks and reward them on a daily and weekly basis for going digital with GOtv, while enjoying the instant benefits of increased choice in local and international content,” said Mr.Kyengo.   
 In addition to the one million prize money, there are also daily draws where every GOtv buyer stands a chance to win prizes of Sh15, 000, airtime plus annual GOtv subscriptions.   
 “GOtv is helping Kenya to go digital and enabling them to access the best quality local and international programming.
 As a true migration partner and a leader in the digital arena it is important that we play a pivotal role towards accelerating Kenya’s digital migration process.
For a special price offer of only Sh1, 399, including 2 months GOtv Plus subscription, Kenyan’s can enjoy the best international and local programming,” concluded Mr Kyengo.  
  GOtv subscribers are spoiled for choice with a selection of channels including news, children’s programming, documentaries, series and movies. GOtv channels are carefully selected to cater for a variety of different tastes and family viewing needs.   
 Channels include; Africa Magic World, Africa Magic Swahili, SuperSport Select 1 and 2, One Gospel, E! Entertainment, eTV Africa, ZEE World, Disney Junior in addition to local channels such as KBC, NTV, KTN, Citizen TV to mention but a few.    
 GOtv now covers over 30 cities in its pursuit to enable the government to achieve a speedy migration from analogue to digital broadcasting.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

BAMBA runs into high voltage headwinds


Digital TV platform Bamba TV is scrambling to save its business amid widespread protest from agents and customers over malfunctioning of its decoders.

Some of their top agents, on Wednesday confirmed having returned 1000 and 400 decoders respectively.

The problem would seem to be the decoders voltage specification which is set at 5V rather than 12V.

This means that whenever an agent/trader tests using a 12-vold adaptor, the decoder blows.
Currently, Bamba TV is taking back decoders for software upgrades and promising consumers and agents that the process will take ‘2 weeks’.

The problem first became apparent a few weeks ago when Nakumatt’s management ordered its branch managers to withdraw the decoders from its shelves after receiving numerous complaints from dissatisfied customers.

"There has been several and numerous customer complaints on Bamba...because their decoder has a voltage of 5 instead of 12," Operations Coordinator Wilfred Kimani said in a letter to managers.

"Am therefore urging all to withdraw these decoders from the Shelves with immediate effect. Radio Africa will pick them up and replace with those that [sic] has Voltage of 12."

Daniel Gachanga, 32, of Kikuyu said he took his decoder back to the supermarket he bought it from when it experienced problems.

“At first I thought it was because of the power outages happening due to the rains,” Gachanga said.

“But the guys at the supermarket told me there were many complaints about Bamba. They are telling us to wait but I want my money back.”

Bamba TV is ran by Lancia Digital, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Radio Africa Group.
It runs on a tier-2 broadcast signal distribution license issued by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA).

CA when queried said it was not aware of the problem with the Bamba TV decoders raising questions as to the thoroughness of its Type-approval process.

Loaned decoder wins a million shillings for mother of five

After staring on a dark screen in her living room for more than a month, Nancy Mudecha, 35, a green grocer from Musasa village in Chavakali, decided to borrow five hundred shillings to top-up and buy a set top box.

“I had only five hundred shillings and so I borrowed another five hundred from a friend as it was getting boring in the house without a television. I was only listening to radio but missed TV news and programmes,” said Mrs. Mudecha.

On 24th March 2015, the mother of five went into a friend’s shop and asked for the decoder on credit as she didn’t have the total amount of Sh1, 399.

“I talked to the shopkeeper and he allowed me to take the decoder and pay the balance later,” Mrs. Mudecha explained. “I had overheard on radio a discussion that was promoting GOtv saying it was the best for local and international channels,” she said.

The shopkeeper allowed her to take the decoder home after she paid Sh1, 000 and allowed her to pay promised to pay the balance of Sh400 in two weeks’ time.

“He helped me register the decoder using my mobile phone and also connected it,” she said.

 However, it was an unexpected call from GOtv that surprised Mrs. Mudecha who explains that her husband could not help her pay up the debt due to other family commitment.

“I was called on Tuesday by GOtv staff and informed I was the lucky winner of Sh1million. I was shocked and couldn’t believe it,” she said excitedly. “They explained to me that it was true and helped me book a bus to Nairobi to receive the cheque,” she added.